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Did you know that there is enough plastic in 20 disposable lids and cups to make one KeepCup?


KeepCup is the world’s first barista standard reusable cup. Made from lightweight plastic, it’s unbreakable and stylish – an easy choice for coffee on the go.


Our custom designed (exclusive to Small Print Design) 'Papa', ‘Mama’ and ‘Mini’ KeepCups are unique, practical and, let’s face it, undeniably cute to take to your local café each day.


Available individually, or as a matching set, help us fight the #waronwaste by promoting a more sustainable world where we re-use products we use every day and eliminate unnecessary contributions to landfill.


- Non-toxic polypropylene. BPA and BPS free.

- Dishwasher safe on the top shelf.

- Lid off can be heated to 110 degrees.

- Replacement parts available.


Mini Cup Size: 4oz (XS)

Mama Cup Size: 12oz (M)

Papa Cup Size: 12oz (M)

Note: For those Mamas who like their latte in a small size, our Mama cup has markings on the inside so you can still order a small coffee at a cafe.


Please note that these products are not customisable or able to be personalised. Designs sold are exactly as pictured.  

Papa, Mama & Mini KeepCups

  • As with most things, the more care you take washing your cups, the longer they will last.


    Make sure you remove the lid and wash your cup and lid well after each use.


    Our KeepCups can be placed on the top shelf of the dishwasher, making sure you remove the lid prior.

    There is no need to remove the band from your cup or plug from your lid


    Be gentle with your KeepCup, we don’t suggest using abrasive materials when cleaning.


    Allow to dry completely before re-assembly.


    The lid pops directly on and off, make sure you use the tab on the lid to lift off and click back on.


    If staining occurs, applying a paste of baking soda and water then rinsing thoroughly can help reduce discolouration.